New townhomes are becoming increasingly popular in northern Utah, thanks to the fun, casual and low-maintenance lifestyle they offer.

If you’re looking for all the benefits of home ownership without the hassle and expense of yard work and exterior maintenance, a townhome may provide the perfect solution. They’re also more affordable than single-family homes, allowing buyers who are priced out of the single-family market to realize their dream of home ownership.

And, with Utah’s booming economy, buying now may mean you’ll build equity faster than you ever imagined.

Changing Buyer Preferences Make New Townhomes Popular

Unlike prior generations, many of today’s home buyers seek to avoid the time, effort and financial resources that stand-alone houses require.

In most cases, all exterior maintenance and landscaping is handled by the homeowners’ association. This means that a townhome owner never has to worry about doing any repairs or maintenance outside his or her own front door. Today’s buyer also appreciates having the amenities afforded by a multifamily community without having the responsibility and expense those features would tack onto the cost of a home.

But, here at Wright Homes, we have found that what our buyers love most about buying a new townhouse is the sense of community they have with their neighbors. The synergistic vibe is more alive and energetic than anything you’re likely to find while living in a stand-alone home where your property is surrounded by walls or fences.

The Advantages of Purchasing a New Townhome in Utah

In addition to the reduced maintenance and upkeep burden, buying a new townhouse provides a variety of other financial and lifestyle benefits.

Townhome owners typically enjoy lower utility bills – often substantially lower – than single-family homeowners. Insuring a townhouse is also typically more affordable. And, since you’re buying a new build townhome, you won’t have to worry about home repairs for a long while, especially since you’ll get a builder’s warranty.

Generally, townhouses provide additional safety and security over a stand-alone home, simply because you have fewer access points for would-be criminals to gain entry – especially if you choose a loft-style unit.

New Townhomes in Riverton: Parkside by Wright Homes

We are proud to introduce our newest community, Parkside in Riverton, where we offer new townhomes and loft-style living. All our plans are open, bright and spacious, with plenty of room to grow. Our energy-efficient construction, smart technology options and high-end included features mean you’ll get extraordinary value as well as exceptional design.

For the finest new home communities in northern Utah, look to the experts at Wright Homes. We offer the finest amenities and the most affordable prices you’ll find in the Salt Lake City metro area. We know you’ll love our friendly team and highly personalized approach to the new home buying process.

To learn more, or to schedule your personal tour of the new townhomes at Parkside, contact us today.

NOTE: I want to include the Parkside townhome elevation rendering too but those images aren’t grabbable on their site. Help!