If you’re considering a new townhome purchase – or any new home purchase – in northern Utah, you will be making many decisions before your house is ready for move-in.

Some of your choices are obvious, such as paint colors and the type of flooring you want in the various parts of the home. However, some other options and upgrades are not quite as obvious. In fact, you might not even think about them until you move in and realize you need them.

You can always go back later and do upgrades yourself but, in some cases, you’ll need a contractor to do the work. And those are the upgrades you should seriously consider when you’re in the process of making your new townhome purchase.

No. 1: Add Extra Electrical Outlets to Your New Home

If yours is like most Utah families, your lives revolve around things that require electricity to operate. Electronic devices, countertop appliances, personal care implements and various types of lighting all need power.

New home builders include outlets at the obvious locations but consider your needs for additional outlets in locations such as the garage, the front and back porch/patio areas and anywhere you plan to place your computers, entertainment setups and charging stations. Also consider adding outlets on the outside of your home specifically for accommodating holiday lights.

No. 2: Consider Your Garage Storage Needs

Many new home buyers put garage storage low on their priority list because they believe they can add it later. Although that’s true, you’re going to need a way to organize your tools, yard and garden implements, sporting goods, holiday decorations and anything else you store in the garage.

Without at least some storage in the garage, you will quickly end up with a disorganized mess that, if you aren’t careful, will still be there years from now. Consider having your townhome builder add cabinets and other storage options in the garage while your home is under construction.

No. 3: Closet Organizers for Your New Townhome

Similar to the challenges you face in the garage, organizing closets is best done at the time you move in – otherwise it may never get done. Large closets are perfect for holding all your family’s clothing, shoes, etc., but, without some type of organization system, you won’t be able to make efficient use of the space.

Talk to your builder about options for closet organizer systems that can be installed during construction. If your budget doesn’t have room for organizers in every closet, at least consider upgrading the master bedroom closet. The larger the space, the more critical it is to have an organization system.

Other upgrades you might want to consider include upgrading to smart locks and including USB outlets as part of your electrical upgrades. Talk to your salesperson or the design center staff too, because they can offer unique insight into upgrades you may not have considered.

At Wright Homes, we include many features in our base models that other builders offer as upgrades. That means you won’t have to worry about extra cost for all those little luxuries that make a home more convenient and livable. You can check out all our Utah new home and townhome communities on our website, or call us today to learn more.