If you’re looking to buy a new construction home or townhome in Utah, do you have to have your own real estate agent?

The short answer is, no, you are not legally required to have your own Realtor and few home builders will insist that you be represented. That said, is it a wise idea to have your own agent?

That answer depends on multiple factors and, ultimately, it’s a choice you have to make. Either way, however, you and your agent – if you have one — will be in good hands if you choose to buy from Wright Homes.

Understanding the Role of a New Home Builder’s Broker or Agent

To sell new homes in Utah, builders must be represented by a licensed real estate broker or agent. When you go into a model home or on-site sales office, you will typically be dealing with a licensed Realtor. If the person manning the sales office is not licensed, they cannot discuss price or most of the finer points of information you will need.

The builder’s Realtor acts in the capacity that a private home seller’s agent would, and that means that this agent’s primary duty is to the builder. Nevertheless, they are required to be honest, to provide you with all pertinent facts and make full disclosure about anything that could be material to your purchasing decision.

The other important point is that the builder’s agent is THE expert in their community and can provide you with answers to your questions and all the information you could ever wish for, during the purchasing process.

Should You Use a Realtor to Purchase a New Construction Home?

The first thing you must realize is that, even if you don’t use your own agent when you buy a new home, you usually won’t get a better deal or lower price on the home.

The next fact of importance is that, if you don’t have your own agent, you will not be represented in the transaction. The builder’s agent will not represent both buyer and seller in most cases.

Before deciding whether or not to use your own Realtor, it’s a good idea to talk to your attorney or another trusted advisor, to learn the pros and cons of this decision as it applies to you.

Your Agent Is Welcome at Wright Homes

If you’re already working with an agent – or if you feel it’s important to have a Realtor to represent you – Wright Homes welcomes you both. As is customary for new home builders, we will pay your agent’s commission, so having a Realtor won’t cost you a thing. We want our buyers to feel confident and secure in their purchase and having your own agent means having an expert looking out for your interests.

That said, please don’t feel as though you must have an agent to visit our new home and townhome communities or to tour our model homes. Our sales centers are staffed with friend, helpful and experienced real estate pros. They can answer all your questions and help you through every phase of the transaction, should you choose to forgo having your own agent.

Wright Homes builds high-quality, affordable homes and townhouses throughout northern Utah, including Herriman, Draper and Riverton. Contact us today or visit one of our new home communities for a personal tour.