Are you debating between buying in a new home development or choosing an existing house to buy?

Although it may seem like an easy comparison when you look at the bottom line purchase price, a deeper dive will quickly reveal that the older house you’re considering isn’t such a bargain after all.

No. 1: Homes Designed for Today’s Lifestyles

Walk into any model home today and you will find bright, open floorplans and the finishes that you desire, all included in the base price of the house.

Walk into a pre-existing house and you’re likely to find choppy floorplans and outdated finishes. You’ll be forced to either live with the laminate countertops, low ceilings and dated fixtures, or invest a small fortune in remodeling.

Buy in a new community and your house will be move-in ready and already suited to your family’s lifestyle.

No. 2: No Home Repairs or Upgrades Required

Much like buying a used car, you never know what problems you’re going to get when you buy an existing home.

You can hire a home inspector to check out the foundation and major systems – like plumbing, electric and HVAC – but even normal wear and tear will have you spending money for repairs and upgrades.

When you buy in a new residential development, you will not only have the builder’s standard warranty but, as every aspect of your house will be new, you won’t have to worry about these costly repair bills for years or even decades.

No. 3: Energy Efficient Homes Increase Comfort & Save Money

New residential communities are built to today’s exacting standards for energy efficiency and sustainability. With upgraded windows, insulation and other features designed to reduce your energy use – and cost – you will enjoy greater comfort all year long while saving money every month on your utility bills.

No. 4: Your Home Will Retain the Highest Possible Value

The value of older homes can rarely hold a candle to the way a new build retains its value. So, when the time comes for you to put your house on the market, you will recover the greatest possible value for your investment.

No. 5: Community Amenities & Convenience

As the old adage goes, location is one of the most important considerations when buying a home.

Builders choose in-demand areas for their new home developments, to attract the most buyers. This puts you in close proximity to shopping, dining, entertainment and recreational areas. You’ll enjoy the clean, wide streets, new sidewalks, landscaped common areas and all the conveniences you desire.

Wright Homes builds new home communities to suit the way you want to live today. Check out our website to learn more about our new home developments in Riverton, Draper, St. George, Herriman and other popular areas of northern Utah.