The holidays are over, and while the passing of the winter solstice in December means that the days are getting longer, there will be at least a few more months before the weather starts to show signs of spring. If you have been thinking about building a home, the winter weather might make you hit ‘pause’ on your plans, but contrary to popular belief, winter is actually a great time to get started on a home building project.

Times Have Changed

In the old days, many homebuilders would recommend that if you couldn’t get a roof over the house by the time the snow started to fall, it was best to wait for the spring weather. But times have changed, and now it’s not only possible to build through the winter, there are some definite advantages. Advances like additives in concrete that allow it to be poured in colder temperatures, or treatment for framing lumber that prevents it from getting warped with cold or humid conditions now allow builders to move ahead in all but the messiest winter days, and has no impact on the quality of the work. Adding a vapor barrier and temporary heat on the interior allows most subcontractors to work through even cold and wet days.

It’s the Slow Season

Despite the adaptations from builders and materials manufacturers to be ready for winter building, many people still believe the old myths about homebuilding in the winter. That means it’s a slower season for builders in general, and as a homebuyer that can be a very good thing. When the builder isn’t as busy, you’ll get more personalized attention, and with general contractors and subcontractors in a slow season, chances are the work will get done sooner. You may even find that the building process is shorter because you decided to build in winter.

Your Move-In Date is Better

The homebuilding process takes time—anywhere from four to six months on average—so when you start your project in the winter months, that means your home will be built and ready for move-in during the spring or summer months when kids are out of school and the weather is ideal. Even if it gets delayed a little bit, you can still move during the late summer or early fall, which is much better than trying to move your belongings during a snowstorm. If you wait until spring or summer to start, you could be moving during the holiday season.

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