Getting ready to move to a new home is exciting, and many people want the advantages that a new home can offer, but not everyone can wait several months to have a brand new home built. If you have looked at home builder websites and seen those “quick move-in” options, maybe you have wondered whether those are a better choice.

Building a New Home

Opting to build a new home from scratch offers many advantages for buyers, including:

  • Getting the latest in energy efficient features and technologies
  • Having a “clean slate” when you move in, with brand new appliances, flooring, etc.
  • The ability to customize a home to be exactly what you want
  • Choosing your own styles and colors

However, the downside of this is that it takes time. Every builder is a little different, but from the time you first make an offer on a home until you are able to move in is likely to be anywhere from 6 months to a year, depending on how quickly the builder can get started and their building timeframe. For homeowners with a little bit of flexibility, such as those who are renting and know when their contract will be up, this might be fine. For those with an existing home to sell or who are moving to a new area and have no place to live, that timeframe could be way too long to wait.

Quick Move-Ins

The alternative for homeowners who want all the advantages of the new build but don’t have as much time is a quick move-in. These are homes that the builder has already started, but they may or may not be all the way finished yet. Cutting out a lot of the initial construction—foundation, framing, roofing—can shorten the time to complete a home while still offering you some chances to customize and make it your own.

The advantages of a quick move-in are:

  • A brand new home that’s never been lived in
  • New energy efficient appliances and features
  • Ability to move in on short notice
  • Chance to walk through the home before you commit so you can see the floorplan instead of just visualizing it from a paper drawing

Of course, you do give up a little bit of the ability to customize the home with quick move-ins, since the builder has already chosen the floorplan and made some initial design decisions. Depending on how far along the home is, you may be able to still make some changes or choose your own colors for the interior, like cabinets, flooring, and paint colors.

If you need to move in quickly but still want a new home, come see the quick move-in options available from Wright Homes today so we can get you the home you love.