At Wright Homes, we’re proud to serve as your one-stop shop if you’re looking to build a new home. We offer a huge variety of new built homes, from custom homes to townhomes, quick move-ins and various communities available for you to choose from.

Like with any high-value service you’re considering, shopping around for a new home builder is an important part of this process. We welcome comparisons of our products and services to our competitors, both because we want clients to get the very best and because we’re fully confident we’re the ones who can provide it for you. What are some of the top qualities we possess that you should be prioritizing when searching for a new home builder? Here’s a quick primer.

High Quality Level

First and foremost, quality is of the utmost importance for several areas of a new home build. This will be your family’s hub location for many years, and you do not want to be worrying about repairs, structural issues or other concerns just a year or two down the line.

This begins with high-quality products, which our team will be happy to detail for you. Verify the kinds of products and brands being used, plus ask about warranties offered and how they apply to you. However, our quality goes beyond just our materials: Also ask about our training and licensure methods, plus our insurance coverage for all our contractors to ensure everyone is protected from a legal standpoint.

Communication and Process

The home building process is one that will require open communication lines, and it’s important to work with builders who understand and prioritize this. For starters, ask your builder about their general process and how they move through it, plus how it will apply to specific desired features in your home.

In addition, however, the builder should have flexibility here. Even if they have their own preferred approach, ensure they’re willing to blend this with your needs and will not be too stubborn – after all, you have the final say on all major decisions.

Experience and Connections

Another vital factor here is a building contractor who has experience and connections in your area. There may be a need for hiring sub-contractors at some point in the process – if your builder already has a reliable contractor in several important areas, this will save time and hassle.

More broadly, though, you should be checking online reviews and other resources to confirm a builder’s history.


Finally, as you’re doing the above research, timeliness should be a top priority. We’re not just talking about a builder who shows up at the arranged time – we’re talking about one who sets realistic project deadlines and meets them. While certain minor delays come with the territory for a new home build, a contractor who constantly is behind will cost you money and time.

For more on how to find the perfect new home builder, or to learn about any of our new homes or subdivisions, speak to the staff at Wright Homes today.