When designing your own new custom home, one of the single most significant areas of planning will be the floor plan. Vital for everything from basic movement and layout to budget, home value and several other areas, the floor plan is one of the foundational elements you’ll want to see to as you build your home from the ground up.

At Wright Homes, we’re here to help with this and numerous other areas of any new home build we’re coordinating. We offer a huge variety of house plans and styles, including a full range of new custom homes to meet your every need and desire. In this two-part blog series, we’ll go over several important themes to cover when it comes to designing your new floor plan, from basic space and budget concerns to several additional areas.

Space Considerations

First and foremost, your property and space must be selected before you can get into designing the floor plan. There would be few things worse during this process than spending days or weeks planning your perfect floor plan, only to realize that the space you’re working with isn’t large enough or suitable to the design you came up with.

Luckily, this is an area we’re happy to work with our clients on, in coordination with real estate agents and other pros. If you have specific floor plan themes in mind, for instance, we can advise you on certain space or property qualities to prioritize as you select a site.

Budget Areas

Down related lines, your budget is an area you should have at least considered ahead of not only your floor plan design, but your entire home build to begin with. If you’re diligent here, perhaps you’ve already laid out a specific portion of the budget for flooring and related themes, which will make this entire process far simpler.

Lifestyle and Practical Features

Once you’ve defined your budget and space, begin to consider your lifestyle and the practical themes you’ll want to hit with your floor plan. Floor plans should be functional as well as aesthetically pleasing.

Do you regularly host guests or parties? Ensure you plan for a large, open space in the living room, kitchen or both. Are you a common guest location during holidays or other periods of the year? Make sure to include at least one guest bedroom in the floor plan. These and similar themes will go a long way.

Accentuate Home Qualities

In addition to serving practical functions, the floor plan should highlight features and qualities of both the home and the surrounding environment. Consider themes like natural light, views available in certain directions and other factors that you should be keeping in mind while laying out the entire space.

For more on designing a home floor plan, or to learn about any of our new custom homes or subdivisions, speak to the staff at Wright Homes today.