In part one of this two-part blog series, we went over some general tips we offer clients on how to design a floor plan in a new construction home. One of the main benefits of designing your own custom home is being able to dictate areas like the floor plan, which is important for everything from daily movement and layout to home value and multiple other areas.

At Wright Homes, we offer a wide variety of house plans for our new custom homes, allowing our new build home clients to dictate every element of their floor plan as needed. There are several factors to keep in mind when designing a floor plan, from the size of your family to your desired amenities and many others – today’s part two of our series will dig into several additional tips for designing a home floor plan.

Open Concept?

One of the most popular modern concepts making waves within the floor plan realm is the open floor concept. This theme is present even in commercial spaces as well, and involves knocking down walls in traditional places to achieve a more open space. It allows light into more spaces than might have been possible before, for one, and often makes the area more inviting and comfortable.

Now, the open floor concept isn’t for everyone. Many individuals and families enjoy their privacy and like having certain segments of the home separated from others in traditional ways. This is one area you’ll want to talk over with your family and your homebuilder in advance.

Connected Space

If you like the idea of an open floor plan but aren’t ready to fully commit to it, a decent middle ground is the connected space theme. This involves creating visual connections between certain rooms – painting walls the same color or using the same design themes, making it obvious to residents and guests that certain rooms are “connected” even if they have a wall or half-wall between them.

Exterior Environment

For those who want to infuse elements of natural light and the outdoors into their floor plan, there are many ways to do so. We’ll help you coordinate colors and designs between the outside and inside of the space, connecting these areas and accenting them to keep the area interesting.

Keeping it Safe

Finally, if you’re designing a floor plan for a home that will include children or pets, you should keep their safety in mind. For especially young children, you might consider an area where adults can keep a supervised eye on your kids. If you have pets you know will jump on or off of just about anything, perhaps don’t design a floor plan with a second-floor balcony they might jump off.

For more on designing a floor plan for a new construction home, or to learn about any of our new home communities and subdivisions, speak to the staff at Wright Homes today.