At Wright Homes, we’re proud to serve as your comprehensive professionals for new custom homes in the Herriman and Draper area. We’ll walk you through the entire custom homebuilding process, from setting your budget to finding the lot, designing the home and even an orientation of the new space once it’s finished.

During this orientation, one of the key elements to pay attention to will be our advice and expertise on how to care for your home. Not only will following this advice keep your home more comfortable and beautiful, it will also maintain your property value for years into the future, an area that holds major important whether or not you’ll ever consider selling. In this two-part blog series, we’ll go over everything you need to know about maintenance for your new custom home.

Builder Recommendations

As we noted above, our orientation sessions with our clients upon completion of their custom homes are vital for passing on information about maintenance and upkeep in several areas. We’ll perform a full walk-through of the home with you, showing you where things are located and how they work, plus the sorts of upkeep required for various fixtures or areas.

Pay close attention during this session, particularly for any HVAC, plumbing or electrical areas you are unsure about. It’s important to know some basics on these areas in case of emergency, plus so you can perform standard maintenance.

Owner’s Manual

Down related lines, many of the appliances and systems installed in your new home will come with owner’s manuals from their manufacturers. For any areas that were not covered during your orientation, or even just those you need a refresher on, refer to manuals whenever they’re available. If they are not for a given fixture, look for the brand or manufacturer name and see if you can find info online.

Our next several sections will dig into specific home areas to keep an eye on with regard to property value and comfort.

Roof Themes

One of the single most important parts of the home, both for property value and practical daily life, is the roof. Check at least a few times per year for basic damage, such as missing shingles, wet areas or other unusual circumstances. If you notice any leaking or mold formation in your attic or upper areas of the home, consider checking the roof’s underside to determine if it may be the source.


While you’re performing basic inspections or upkeep on your roof, you should also keep a close eye on your rain gutter system. Ensure they are aligned properly and draining to the right spots, pushing water away from the home and any important landscape areas. Not only will improper gutters look bad and lower your curb appeal, they may also risk significant water damage in areas like the home’s foundation, siding or others.

For more on the areas of a new home to be sure you maintain, or to learn about any of our new subdivisions or homes for sale, speak to the staff at Wright Homes today.