In part one of this two-part blog series, we went over some basic tips for caring for a new home once you’ve moved into it. Whether you may consider selling the home in the future or you’re simply concerned about long-term value and quality, basic care and upkeep are vital for any new homeowner.

At Wright Homes, we’re proud to offer not only a huge range of new custom homes and new subdivisions for those looking to upgrade. We’re also happy to offer simple tips on caring for the home and your entire property, no matter what your long-term goals are for the space. Today’s part two of our series will narrow in on a few other specific areas of the home that tend to hold the most value and require some basic attention.

Shower and Toilet

The bathroom has long been known as one of the most high-value areas in any home, particularly full bathrooms containing showers. This is largely because showers add several fixtures to a bathroom, including piping and the showerhead itself, which may experience issues like loosening or corroding over time due to moisture exposure. Basic upkeep areas here include sealing any leaky ventilation areas to prevent such corrosion risks, plus ensuring connections are strong.

The toilet is also an important area to keep an eye on, especially if you’re undergoing issues like a toilet leak or a toilet that runs constantly for no reason. Consider a basic test of food coloring in the tank to confirm if your toilet might be leaking, then consider either replacing the flapper on your own, if you know how, or calling a plumber for assistance.


Have you begun to notice sticking or other opening and closing issues with windows? Not only is this a problem on its own, it may create additional damage by stressing the window and requiring more force for operation. The first step here is to lubricate the area with silicone, which usually does the trick.

HVAC System

Another of the high-value components in your home is the HVAC system, which includes not only your AC and furnace but also ducts, vents, filters and other components. First and foremost, professional HVAC service should be performed at least once a year – many homeowners choose to do this twice, during both the spring and fall seasons.

Another important factor here is the HVAC filter. This filter must be changed or cleaned regularly, both for air quality concerns and to limit strain on the HVAC system based on a clogged filter.


Finally, whether it’s through hanging up pictures, impacts from children or pets or some other cause, walls may become damaged over time. Luckily, this is easy to fix with some simple spackle, which allows you to cover holes, sand them down and paint.

For more on how to care for and maintain your new custom home, or to learn about any of our new home developments, speak to the staff at Wright Homes today.