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Build an Energy Efficient Home with Wright Homes

As concern about climate change grows each day, we know that conscious living can make a big difference. At Wright Homes, we don’t just talk about sustainability – we live it.

Our homes and communities are planned and built with the environment in mind. Our energy-efficient homes are for sale now, and more are being built all the time. So if you’re looking for a house that combines conscious, efficient living with comfort and luxury, Wright Homes welcomes you home.

It’s All About a Thoughtful Mindset

At Wright Homes, we fully believe that home is the most important place in the world. Home should be a place of harmony between livability and the outside world. As we build homes, we recognize that our environment is our home as well.

Treating home as the most important thing, whether it be the house you live in or the environment around you, naturally leads us to care for our homes in the best way we can. This means going out of our way to build energy-efficient homes for sale in Utah.

We believe that these energy-efficient homes make home better for our homeowners and for the environment. From the beginning of our process to the time we hand off our homes to you, we do everything we can to create in a sustainable, thoughtful way.

From Start to Finish

From start to finish, we stick to our roots, consciously building energy-efficient homes while doing our part to take care of the environment.

From the time we start planning a home or community to the time we put our energy-efficient homes up for sale, sustainability and comfort are our guides. We determine which features would best help the homes to be energy-efficient and include systems to elevate healthy living.

As we begin building, we put effort into respecting the environment. Additionally, we put careful thought into aligning the building with the surrounding environment. It should enhance the area, not blemish it.

By the time we finish with our construction, we’ve created energy-efficient homes for sale that can’t be beaten. With the combination of luxury and sustainability, no other house will make a better home for you and your family.

Looking Forward to a Green Future

Even after our energy-efficient homes have been sold, our mindset of sustainability lives on in the home for years to come. We see the future as filled with energy-efficient homes for sale, giving the population comfortable, beautiful, and sustainable homes that can boost the health of the environment and the people living in it.

To keep the sustainability mindset living in the homes we build, we include various features that contribute to healthy living and make it easy for homeowners to live consciously. The details of our homes include appliances that reduce energy waste, tankless water heaters (that actually give you hot water faster), and many others. Not only is this beneficial for your wallet, but it’s great for reducing your carbon footprint as well. At Wright Homes, we include the following features:

  • BIB (blown-in-blanket) insulation
  • Low-E windows
  • 95% efficient furnace

Each of these features supports healthy living for you and the area you live in. There’s no doubt that every home we build has the features it needs to be energy-efficient and support the environment you live in.

Not sure if your home builder offers all these features? Wright Homes in Utah does. Come check out our neighborhoods in Riverton, Herriman, Draper, and St. George today.

As we team up to build energy-efficient homes for sale in Utah and live sustainably, we can make a real impact on the environment we live in, protecting it so future generations can find their home as well.

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