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Experience Elevated Living With Wright Homes

There’s so much more in Utah to experience and enjoy that can take you and your life to a level you didn’t know you could have. Take the next step… with Wright Homes.

Wright Homes is constantly building new homes in the most desirable locations. But it isn’t just about the new house. Life in Utah (and a Wright Homes community) can elevate your life. Here’s our list of how that can happen.
Elevated Activities

This morning, you might have woken up, thought about going to the gym, had a coffee instead, and scrolled through your phone until your kids came searching for breakfast. Then you had to clean the house, find ways to entertain the kids, and wish you lived near community activities.

At a Wright Homes community, you have many more options for ways to spend your mornings – not to mention your afternoons and evenings. The best part is that you can easily bring the kids along.

For example, in Wright Homes’ master-planned community, Parkside, you’ll have purchased a new home for sale in Utah that places you in a community with its own recreational facility. Enjoy parks, great views, and miles of hiking trails, so if the kids have too much energy, find a trail and get them moving.

Activities in Utah aren’t all about exercise. Wright Homes communities are always strategically placed to be near towns with exciting developments. You’ll easily find shopping centers, boutiques, restaurants, pubs, and more as you explore the town you now call home. Experience Elevated Living With Wright Homes
Elevated Health

Utah is nature’s perfect setting for healthy living, and we make it easy to want to get outside. Just make sure to bring sunscreen as you head out on your bike, hike, or boat.

Utah also has several well-developed towns, so you can easily find a gym close by.

Our communities have all of your favorite things combined with a great environment for spending healthy time outdoors. Enjoy time with your family and friends by the lakes, golf course, or national parks. You can also have quality healthcare and personable relationships within minutes.

Wright Homes’ Utah communities promote healthy living across the board, from active living to embracing the natural elements. and once you’ve experienced it, you won’t know how you lived so long without it.
Elevated Travel

Part of our goal for new homes for sale in Utah is that they are conveniently placed to support the lifestyles of all their residents. As much as we’re sure you’ll love your new home, we also know that sometimes you need a trip out of town. So we’ve done what we can to make traveling easier for you.

Our Riverton and Draper communities place you close to all the most important things in town – especially the Salt Lake City airport. Let’s be honest, airports can be a pain, especially if you live far from the airport. You have to wake up hours earlier than your flight and hope that you can avoid rush hour enough to not be late for your flight’s check-in.

You won’t have to worry anymore. Your drive to the airport won’t be hours; it will be minutes. So enjoy sleeping in a bit, stop stressing, and settle into your new travel routine.
Elevated Education

Utah won’t elevate only your life; it will elevate your children’s lives as well. Wright Homes communities are situated near schools as well as recreation.

Learning, of course, goes beyond the classroom. With all the parks near and in the Wright Homes communities, your kids will be able to explore and learn about the world around them, as well as learn more about who they are. They’ll learn socially as they interact with other children in the area and in school.

Buying a new home in Utah buys more than a house. It buys a new future for your family.
Elevated Homes

Of course, one of the biggest ways your life will improve after you buy a new home for sale in Utah is finding yourself in a high-quality, brand new house. Each Wright Homes community has unique floorplans, and each floorplan offers a beautiful design, color options, and layouts.

You can trust that your home will be well-built and ethically built, with a special effort made to minimize negative effects on the environment. Nothing will convince you of the quality of our homes like seeing them, so take the time to see the various floorplans available in the different Wright Homes communities.
Experience Wright Homes in Utah

Our communities in Utah represent everything we value at Wright Homes. Healthy, active lifestyles and ethically-built houses are our bread and butter, so let us help you make your lifestyle and your home. Contact us today at (801) 997-0070.

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