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Floor Plan Factors to Consider When Designing Your New Custom Home

So you’ve chosen to build a new home in Utah. Going custom is arguably the best way to make sure you get a new home that is exactly the way you want it to be. Of course, there are a ton of details to consider and plan out. Colors, materials, and features will all need to be planned and picked out. But first, you’ll need to choose your building site. From there, you’ll need to start designing your floor plan. Floor plans can be deceptively complicated to put together. There are several factors you’ll need to consider as you design your new custom Utah home.


Space is one of the most important considerations when it comes to designing a floor plan. Each room in your house will have different needs in terms of space based on the purpose of the room. You’ll need to designate more space in your floor plan for your kitchen than for a laundry room, as an example. As you plan out how much space each room needs, consider what needs to go in the room. Rooms with appliances and lots of furniture will need adequate room for everything, and you’ll need enough space to move around. Keep in mind that there are guidelines that govern a minimum amount of space doorways and hallways should be allotted, and take that into consideration as well.


It may seem a little strange to plan lighting into your floor plan, since not all floor plans are going to feature lighting features. What they should all include, however, are the windows in a room. Windows are the best way to allow natural light to enter your home. Pay attention to how the sun hits different areas of the property throughout the day. You’ll want to take that into account as you plan out where each room will be in your new Utah house.

In Utah, you’ll find that the sun is generally to the south, so the south side of your home will see the most natural light. As such, you may want a room like your kitchen, where you want to have a lot of light whenever it’s in use, to be on the southern side of your home.


Some rooms are naturally more prone to being noisy, while the purpose of other rooms means that a quieter environment is preferable. This is another thing you’ll want to think about when deciding the layout for your new home in Utah. You probably won’t want to put rooms like a kitchen, game room, gym, or home theater right by bedrooms. Because it’s common for Utah homes to have multiple floors, you’ll want to think about the noise traveling between floors as well. Noise travels between floors, especially from upper floors to lower floors, so you’ll also want to plan to have quieter rooms located somewhere other than directly above or underneath noisier rooms. Of course, that isn’t always a feasible option. If you aren’t able to space rooms apart that way, just make sure you’ve planned to have adequate insulation between walls and floors to help dampen noise.


Well designed homes have a certain flow about them. The layout makes sense, and it’s easy to find your way around. The house flows seamlessly between rooms, regardless of whether you have a more open or more closed floor plan. Figuring out how to best facilitate good flow in the floor plan of your new Utah home can be tough. Fortunately, Wright Homes has designed hundreds of new homes in Utah, and our team of expert designers can help you create a floor plan that flows well from room to room.

Designing your new Utah home can be exciting, and a lot of fun. It’s not without its share of work though. There’s a lot of thought that needs to be put into a floor plan in order for you to end up with a new custom home that you’re sure to love. Consider things like space, lighting, noise, flow, and room placement. Remember, you can always consult with the custom home design experts at Wright Homes if you’re ever unsure. We have plenty of experience designing quality custom homes and are ready and waiting to help you plan out yours.

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