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5 of Our Favorite Interior Design Trends for This Year

More than ever, people opt to stay in rather than go out. We’re trying new foods, experiencing new worlds and connecting with our friends more than ever, and it’s all happening at home. As we continue to spend more time at home, new interior design trends are bringing the outside in. As the premier home builder in Utah, Wright Homes is excited to present our five favorite trends that are shifting today’s world of interior design.

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A Golden Shade

Olympic athletes aren’t the only ones that go for the gold. The powerful color is a trend that has picked up steam throughout the past few years. Its vibe could give off luxury and elegance if you went with a bright and metallic style of gold. Try a lighter shade if you want something warmer and more down-to-earth.

The Magic Lies in the Curves

There’s something about the shape of a curve that provides a feeling of intimacy, love and embrace. Be on the lookout for curved furniture that can give off a chill and welcoming vibe, providing you and your guests with a warm and comfortable environment for them to be themselves.

It’s Okay to Be Unique!

Being normal is so overrated because nobody likes to talk about everyday things. People love to discuss things that are out of the ordinary, weird and unique. So why not apply this concept to the look and feel of your home? Feel free to incorporate bold and creative patterns into aspects of your home, like your flooring, rugs, walls and furniture. Create conversation starters with your guests because they won’t be talking about that dull door handle, will they?

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Be One With Nature

Mother nature sure has an incredible way of creating beautiful artwork. Be inspired by nature and use it to make a welcoming look and feel in your home. Incorporate natural materials and textures like wood, stone, clay and more into the furniture, flooring, doors and walls. Liven up your space with bright colors and beautiful aromas that plants and trees can provide. Using nature as the theme of your interior, you and your guests will feel a solid connection to the great outdoors that will bring out feelings of calmness and energy.

Who Needs to Go to a Gym?

Because more and more people are working from home, fewer people are starting to go to the gym to work out. Many interior designers feel that gyms will be replaced by workout and fitness rooms in people’s homes this year. Pick a room in your house and make it the mecca of your health and well-being. Create an area to do body-boosting activities like yoga, pilates, running on the treadmill or stationary biking. You could even make that space into your spa. There’s only one you, so you must take care of yourself.

Of course, this is just a list of our favorite interior design trends. If our selections aren’t your cup of tea, that’s no problem! Wright Homes has been committed to being one of the premier home builders in Utah for almost 30 years! We are experts in custom home building and can design your new home to your liking. Whatever you’re looking for, we would love the opportunity to work with you to build your custom dream home. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us today!

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