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Minimalist Holiday Home Decoration Ideas

The holiday season is upon us. The last few months of the year are filled with family, friends, and festivities. Decorating your home for the holidays creates a cozy, festive atmosphere for both intimate gatherings and larger parties during the season. Decorating in a way that best suits your space can elevate your holiday experience exponentially. Decorating for the holidays can be super fun, but storing bulky decorative pieces for 10 months of the year isn’t fun. Our minimalist holiday decoration tips below will help you create a festive space perfect for this cheery season, all while maintaining a fresh, clean appearance, and reducing the need for extensive storage space the rest of the year.  

1. Keep it Simple With Geometric Shapes

Utilizing simple, geometric shapes in your holiday decor is a fantastic minimalist method to curate a beautifully festive space. Hanging geometric ornaments on your Christmas tree is a fantastic way to incorporate geometric shapes into your holiday decor. Keeping your ornaments mostly neutral-colored will contribute to an elegant, polished appearance. Continuing the clean lines of the geometric shapes and neutral colors as a theme throughout the rest of your home will keep your decorative style cohesive. Paper garland cutouts and framed geometric shapes are another way to create the minimalist style choice present throughout your space. Whether you choose snowflake cutouts or pine tree cutouts, this cost-effective embellishment will help maintain the cheerful spirit of the holiday season in your home. 

2. Let Nature Provide You With Free-Decor 

Cuttings from an evergreen tree, or opting for the plastic version from your local craft store, can be placed throughout your home to add a little bit of Christmas in every room. You can place these cuttings in bottles or vases and place them on coffee tables, or bookshelves. For a festive table centerpiece, put pine tree cuttings and fresh cranberries in the bottom of a mason jar and then fill the jar about three-quarters of the way full with water. Then, place a tea light candle on the top of the water and light it. These quick, DIY decorations are sure to wow your guests at your next holiday gathering. Remember, placing your evergreen cuttings in water will help keep them alive longer, so you will avoid having to replace the cuttings as often. 

3. Emphasize Whites, Grays, and Soft Textures 

Shades of white and gray resemble the soft layers of snow just outside the windows of your warm home. Having white and gray throw blankets can turn your living room into a wintery oasis. Adorning your couches and chairs with festive, monochromatic throw pillows will contribute greatly to the cohesive, classy decor that you have placed throughout your home. Simple touches, like placing winter-themed hand towels in your kitchen, will keep this wintery ambiance flowing through every nook and cranny of your home. Keeping the textures of your throw blankets, pillows, and towels soft will maintain a soft and comfortable atmosphere in your space. 

4. Switch it Up With a Half-Wreath

A half wreath is a minimalist reinvention of the traditional wreath. These wreaths consist of a wooden ‘O’ shape, half of which is covered with any kind of wintergreen. You can hang these festive half-wreaths on your front door, bedroom doors throughout your home, or on an open wall in your front or living room. These wreaths are quite easy to make yourself or can be bought online. The half-wreath will contribute to the minimalist aura of your home because of the clean line the uncovered portion of the wreath creates. 

5. Create Cozy Lighting 

Having comfortable, low-key lighting in your living space is the perfect finishing touch for your beautifully decorated home. Curling up in a warm blanket on a cold winter evening to read, watch a Christmas movie with your loved ones, or enjoy a holiday treat isn’t complete with the proper lighting. Putting Christmas lights on your mantel, around your dining table centerpieces, or wrapped through your banister will add a lovely, relaxed atmosphere to whichever room you choose. Festively scented candles will not only create that highly sought-after warming atmosphere but will add a pleasant fragrance to the space. 

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