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Moving to Utah? Here Are Some of the Best Cities to Live In

Utah has seen a significant number of people move into the state over the last several years. It’s no wonder, really. With all the wonderful state and national parks, friendly people, a decent state economy, and the cost of living that isn’t too far off the national average, there’s a lot to love about this state. If you’re thinking about moving to Utah, one of the questions that is bound to be on your mind is what city you should move to. There are some really great cities in Utah, but which ones are the best cities to live in?


Located in the southeast corner of the Salt Lake Valley, the city of Draper is nestled right up against the mountains. This creates something of a secluded feeling to the city. It has a lovely blend of suburban homes and plenty of businesses and services, so you’ll be able to find nearly everything you need without leaving the city. It’s also close to cities like Sandy, Riverton, and West Jordan and not far from Salt Lake City, which means you also have easy access to all the jobs and services these cities offer as well. Draper’s location in the foothills of the mountains means that you can find homes with views that are pretty tough to beat. If you want a home with a view of virtually the entire valley, Draper is one of the best cities to live in Utah to get exactly that.


Herriman is one of the newer cities in Utah. Located in the southwestern part of the Salt Lake valley, it’s enjoyed a period of rapid growth since its beginnings, enough that they’ve added new schools in recent years. This suburban city is great for families, with quality schools and a low crime rate. Local schools include elementary, middle, and high schools, with public and charter school options. As with many cities in Utah, there are plenty of options for outdoor recreation, especially when it comes to hiking local trails. It’s a bit of a commute if you’re working in Salt Lake City, but with all the other great things about living in Herriman that make it one of the best cities to live in Utah, that’s a concession many residents are willing to make.


You’ll find the city of Riverton in between Draper and Herriman. Riverton is quite close to the I-15 freeway and Bangerter Highway, which means you’ll have an easy time getting around to major areas of this city and those nearby. You’ll find an ideal blend of residential and business areas in Riverton. There are houses of all sorts and sizes and businesses that run the gamut from grocery stores and hospitals to restaurants and movie theaters. There are also some lovely parks in the area and quality schools, making Riverton one of the best cities to live in Utah for families with children and professionals alike.

St. George

Most of Utah experiences a fairly wide range when it comes to seasonal temperatures. Freezing cold winters and toasty hot summers are the norms throughout most of the state. If you venture to the southern portion of the state to St. George, however, you may find the weather to be a bit milder, at least in terms of cold winters. You’ll still get highs hitting just over 100 degrees Fahrenheit in the hottest summer months, but the winters tend to be warmer than in other areas of the state. That makes St. George one of the best cities to live in Utah for both retirees and those living in the northern parts of the state who want to get away from the cold for a bit. St. George is close to Zion National Park and has lots of hiking trails, making it ideal for those who love outdoor adventures.

What makes any given city the best city to live in Utah will depend at least in part on what you’re looking for. Some cities, like the capital city of Salt Lake City, are great for those who want more of that big-city living feeling, while others are better for those who prefer a more rural environment. When it comes to which are the best cities to live in Utah, Draper, Herriman, Riverton, and St. George easily make a list. These well-rounded cities have a lot to offer. If you’re looking to call Utah your home, be sure to check them out as you look for a new place to live.

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