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The Benefits of Natural Light in Your Home

What is the first thing we usually do when we wake up? The sun is peeking in through your curtains, having just risen itself. You throw the curtains back and light filters in and floods the room. A smile catches your lips because the warmth and the light feel pleasant. This is how you start your day. You walk through the rest of the house, throwing back the curtains of the windows until the entire house is illuminated with natural light. Feeling good is just one of the many benefits of why natural lighting is such a benefit for your home. Wright Homes is here to explain why and how to incorporate more into your life.

Bring More Natural Light Into Your Home

You Feel Better

As of late, the majority of us are no strangers to feeling bouts of anxiety and depression. The blues set in, whether seasonal or otherwise, and we just don’t feel like ourselves. A natural combatant is actually natural light, which repels anxiety and depression. You’ll feel better, more energized. The sun itself possesses Vitamin D, a natural mood lifter.

What You Can Do:

Find the room with the best lighting in your home. Dress it up with some bright colors, and some plants that can benefit from it, as well. And of course, add splashes of brightness throughout your home for an all-over mood lift! If you’re working with a smaller space, try incorporating more mirrors to help reflect that natural light. If you have a larger space, use it to your advantage.

You Gain Better Focus

Ever notice how there is such a love-hate relationship with lighting? Too dim and you can’t see. Too bright and you’re tackling a squinting session that achieves nothing but a headache. You’re trying to study for an exam or work from home. It’s a struggle to find the motivation to get started. Nothing gets accomplished. Natural lighting, however, could solve that problem.

What You Can Do:

Try sitting by the windowsill or consider moving your desk or chair by the window. The natural light and view from the window will help give you that boost to get you started. If you think about it, it causes a chain reaction: the natural light gives you a boost, which gives you a bump in energy, which therefore makes you more productive!

You Save Your Eyes

Do all of your lamps and lighting share the same wattage per room? If not, your eyes won’t be happy. The wrong kind of lighting is a big deal, creating an unpleasant squinting and straining battle, creating tension and headaches. This can have a negative impact on your vision.

What You Can Do: 

Do you just feel better when you turn the lights off? That ease that comes with eliminating the problem. The satisfying relief from natural lighting can save your eyes in the long run. Try to spend less time in artificial lighting and more time in natural.

Your Body Gets the Adjustment It Needs

Sleep schedules can be rough. Our daily routines can attest to long workdays, long commutes, we begin our days early and end them late. Artificial lighting, however, can be rougher on the body by creating a sense of confusion. Naturally, our bodies adjust to knowing that light means awake and darkness means sleep. Having a regular sleep schedule (approx. 8 hours/night) is important to be functioning so that we can focus and be alert to do our tasks during the day.

What You Can Do: 

Lessen the reliance on artificial lighting. Reacclimate your body to its natural rhythm of feeling energized during the day and feeling tired at night. Be kinder to yourself. Lean into what your body is telling you.

You Save on Energy

Running electric will no doubt increase your bill each month. It’s frustrating because we run the lights to see what we’re doing, whether we’re working, cooking, or cleaning. Take advantage of natural lighting to help you see you through your tasks, lessen your cost of energy, and more money to spend on lighter curtains or accents to compliment your living space.

What You Can Do: 

Open the blinds, throw back your curtains and let the sun in. Cut costs by adding that natural light to your living space.

Note: Light curtains are better, and more energy efficient, darker ones are not and make your room appear smaller.

Your Home’s Value Increases

Having a view from your window is a sought-after commodity whether looking to rent or own. Many people want to share the experiences that characters from the films do when they walk into an open floor space, throw back the curtains of their window and gasp with delight at the view they have of either a Manhattan skyline or the rolling hills of the countryside. We love a good view.

Not only that, but natural light also enhances any fixtures or decorum in your home. A brighter, more spacious floorplan is a hot commodity. That’s why having large windows that filter in that warm, natural lighting will increase your home’s value.

What You Can Do:

If you’re ever looking to sell, or are even thinking about it, consider adding more windows. When choosing front, side, or back doors, choose ones with windows that will help bring in more light into your home. Not only that, make sure your current windows, or future selection will be energy efficient.

Choose Wright Homes for a Healthy, Happy Home

Being natural and organic is a great step to living a healthier life. And sometimes that starts with promoting a healthier living space. There are a multitude of pros to opting for natural lighting as opposed to artificial lighting, whether it be for the sake of redirecting your sleep schedule, helping benefit your eyesight, saving on cost, considering the overall value of your home, or just wanting to uplift your mood in general. Wright Homes is here to help you take steps towards a healthier you. If you’re interested in speaking with one of our agents, contact us at 801-997-0070.

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