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Top Reasons to Retire in Utah

If you’re like many other adults, where you’ve lived throughout a good portion of your adult life has been dictated by your job. The option to work remotely has only really gained traction over the last two or three years. Prior to that, you had to live where the work was, or at least fairly close to that. Once you retire, however, you have a lot more freedom when it comes to choosing a place to live. You are no longer tied to living close to where you work. With that freedom comes a pretty big choice to make. Figuring out what state to live in is a good place to start. Have you ever considered retiring in Utah?

Utah Has A Good Economy

There is a lot of uncertainty these days when it comes to the nation’s economy. The coronavirus pandemic definitely took a toll, and the inflation that followed hasn’t done much to help almost anyone. Still, if you look at Utah’s economy, you have to admit that it’s doing pretty well. With low unemployment numbers, an increasing number of jobs, and a growing workforce, Utah’s economy is one to be reckoned with. That may not sound like something you need to be very concerned with since you may not be working in retirement, but it’s still a point worth considering. A solid economy means that you should be able to access goods and services when you need them. It can also mean good things for any family that relocates to be close since they’ll need to be able to find employment.

Quality Health Care

Healthcare is an important thing to consider at any point in your life, but even more so in retirement. As a general rule, healthcare needs tend to increase in the later years of life, so living somewhere with quality healthcare services that are also affordable is definitely something to make a priority. Utah stands out in this way, with healthcare costs that tend to be below the national average without compromising on quality, offering another reason why you should retire in Utah.

Friendly People Live In Utah

One of the things that Utah is best known for is its emphasis on kindness and service, which has resulted in the majority of people living in this state being quite friendly and generous. If you choose to retire in Utah, making friends with your neighbors probably won’t be one of the things you need to be concerned about.

Low Crime Rate

Safety is always an important factor to consider, but it takes on added importance when you retire. Fortunately, Utah has a lower than average overall crime rate and has the 11th lowest violent crime rate. The majority of crimes committed are property-related, with most crime being committed in Salt Lake City. Rural areas, of which there are many, see the lowest crime rates and are among the safest areas in the country. If you’re looking for somewhere safe to retire, Utah is definitely a place worth considering.

Lots of Options for Outdoor Activities

Utah is also known for its ample selection of outdoor activities that you can engage in throughout the year. Engaging in regular physical activity is an important part of protecting your health and ensuring that you have as many healthy years in retirement as possible. Between hiking, camping, skiing, snowboarding, walking, biking, swimming, and more, there are a ton of different things you can do to stay active and enjoy the outdoors all year long.

It’s always good to carefully consider the reasons why you should retire somewhere. The place you choose will impact virtually every aspect of your life. Utah has a good economy, quality health care, friendly people, a low crime rate, and lots of options for outdoor activities. Its family-friendly nature means that there is plenty to do when family comes to visit, and the airports located in various cities throughout the state, both big and small, mean that it’s easy enough to leave the state to travel or visit family if that is your preference. Given all of that, it’s no wonder why some people decide to retire in Utah.

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